Changing to a Hybrid Course

There has been a shift in education toward an online learning environment.  Many courses that were once taught face-to-face are now taught via the internet.  In 2010, over six million students were enrolled in at least one distance learning course (Lytle, 2011).  Today we are looking to change a training that has been only mildly effective from a face to face course to a blended environment.  Many people think that this is easy, but it is not.

Easy steps to creating a better hybrid course:

  1. Analyze (the problem, the learner, the first iteration)
  2. Create new content (not everything is transferable
  3. Focus on the objectives (not everything is relevant)
  4. Navigation (this could make or break your course)
  5. Communication (Talk to students often, create a real sense of community)
  6. Set high expectations


Always remember, teaching at a distance requires greater emphasis on the initial planning phase and maintenance throughout implementation (Simonson, et. al, 2012).  One can only rely on the analysis and subsequent changes to create a perfect solution to fit the problem.


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