Interacting with Students


Dr. Pratt and Dr. Palloff in our video resources gave specific guidelines for instructor responses to the student discussion.  This included a limitation to how many times you interact with students and under which situations.  They are very specific about how to strategically respond to posts to promote discussion and prevent inappropriate behavior.

It seems that each of the participants has a different career.  One is a k-12 teacher.  Another works in health care.  The third participant works in the corporate world.  This causes each participant to have specific questions.  In this post, give specific guidelines for instructor interactions with students during an online discussion.

Make sure you:

  • Determine how often you think that an instructor should participate in an online discussion.  This should be a range of numbers and include a rationale.  You may choose any class size for this.
  • What are your favorite questioning strategies?  When would you apply each of these strategies?
  • What specific suggestions would you make for each of these career paths (K-12 education, health care & corporate training)?
  • Finally, what would you say to a student or group of students who are not interacting appropriately?

Be certain that you reference the Walden video within your post.  Also, here are resources that might help you with questioning strategies.

Barton, J., Heilker, P. & Rutkowski (n.d.) Fostering Effective Classroom Discussions. Virginia Tech.  Retrieved from .

Laureate Education, Inc. (2010).  Assessing Interaction and Collaboration in Online Environments. Retrieved from

Muilenburg, L., & Berge, Z. (2000). A framework for designing questions for online learning. Berge Collins Associates Available online: http://www. emoderators. com/moderators/muilenburg. html [19 July 2003].

By Friday

Post your suggestions for instructor participation in online discussions.  Refer to the video and one of the other suggested sources.  Feel free to utilize personal experiences and outside resources.

By the end of Saturday

Read through the postings and respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts.  You may:

  • Explain how and why you see things differently.
  • Share insight from having read the posting.
  • Connect the information to another post.
  • Validate an opinion with your own experience.
  • Expand on your colleagues’ posting.

Please return to this posting and read the responses to your initial post.  Share with us an insight from this activity.


Here is the rubric.